How to undress a man

by Maxime Durocher, May 25, 2013

Recently, Ms. Quote, a sex-positive blogger friend of mine wrote an interesting article on how to undress a man (read it by clicking here), and I commented on it. She later suggested that I turned my comment into an article for my own site. So here it is...

As Ms. Quote said, taking the shoes and socks off first make the rest of the procedure much easier to perform. That’s a key concept, and I thought her article gave good ideas to women everywhere, but I thought that I might suggest a different way of undressing a man.

Please take what follows as an idea of how to proceed, a sort of tempo guide, or a stimulus for your imagination, and not as must do or a strict step by step procedure.

What I'll try to present to you here is an in-between ripping the clothes off your man and slowly undressing him. It’s a kind of heavy foreplay combined with teasing.

Let’s say you’re really hot and bothered after a cab ride and just got indoor. There’s no way you can do it slowly because gratification is what you want, but you can rev things up even more with audacity. It’s a question of meshing undressing with outright sex.

In our scenario, your man is in a suit. In each phases, take your time to do as much damage as you can. When you or your man can’t take it anymore, move to the next phase.

Here we go...

After you kick the door shut, slam him against the wall and pull yourself up by his tie to kiss him hungrily. Let your passion flow into your kisses. Lips soft, not tense, tongue malleable, not rigid, massaging his.

As he grabs your head to kiss you just as passionately, undo his tie (all you have to do is slide one end out). Then grab his cock through his pants, and rub him with intent. His response will vary depending on his personality, but continue kissing, his passion should rev up a considerable notch.

Pull his shirt out of his pants, slide your hands inside his shirt and reach for his bare back. A little clawing might be in order. If he likes that, he’s going to rev up another notch. Continue kissing, never stop kissing passionately.

Pull one hand out of his shirt, and undo his belt and his pants, no more, and plunge that hand in right to his cock, preferably over his undies. Rub him. He should be getting wet. He will rev up one more notch for certain.

Slide your other hand down to his butt inside his pants under his undies. This time skin to skin is important, and it’s time for some serious grabbing, cock and ass.

Bring your other hand to his butt and grind your pussy against his crotch. Show him how much you want him. That should rev him even more.

Now, a tricky move. You might want to be in the living room for this, unless your entrance can accommodate.

You stop him kissing you or doing anything else. Unbutton his jacket, it’s 2 or 3 big buttons, it should be quick. Pull it off his shoulder, but not completely off, then pull on it to trap his arms to his side. Kiss him thoroughly. He should forget about jacket and pull you in for more kissing. That might not be the case, but don’t worry, it’s normal. If he forgets about his trap, trip him to the ground, the couch, or the bed. The best way to do that is to let yourself go backward while pulling on him. He’ll want to catch you and himself. If not, order him down.

Straddle him. Start unbuttoning his shirt. Kiss him while you do it, grind your pussy against his crotch, and as his chest gets uncovered, lick him. Play with his nipple if he likes that.

If you really want to trap him, once the shirt is completely unbuttoned, pull it down his shoulders, but not completely off. Both his jacket and shirt should be tying him down. Have your way with him. One hand inside his undies on his hard cock, will get him really hot.

Now, it’s time to think about shoes and socks.

Slide down toward his feet, while looking him in the eyes, kissing and licking his chest and abdomen. Pause at his crotch. Really give it your all. You can even pull out his cock and suck to make him forget about everything. Push him to his limit. If you do that, the next phase should be done really quickly.

Unlace his shoes, and remove his socks. If you’re intrepid and already have your panties off (or even if they’re still on), you can do it while straddling him, sort of like a reverse cowgirl. By presenting your pussy to him like that, chances are, he’ll play with it.

Go back on top of him facing him. Kiss him.

The rest should be really easy, but think about unbuttoning his shirt’s cuffs sometime soon. Follow the same pattern we’ve established. Never take off too much clothing without some really hot stuff.

If he’s doing the same to you, you should be in for a very torrid session.

Now, word to the wise, this has to be done in a situation where both partners are already hot and bothered, and it’s an alternative to ripping your clothes off. By itself, it might not warm up the object of your desire, but it could. If you’re already hot enough, and he’s in the right head space, you might pull it off.

That being said, who said you needed to get undressed to have sex? At some point, you can easily just lift your skirt pull aside your panties and let him take you while he still have his pants on.

Have fun!