Manifesto of a companion

by Maxime Durocher, May 25, 2013


That’s always the big question. Whether it’s asked or not, that’s often the reason people don’t understand what I do, or misinterpret it. Very few people really get it. In the defense of the masses, I’ll admit that it’s impossible to know or completely understand somebody’s deep seated motivations.

I’ll try to explain myself.


Women is the answer. I mean that to say that I love them is a deep understatement. I worship them and I just want to fight for them the multitude of demons they face. I want them to see how beautiful they are. I want them to be free to be who they want to be.

To me, they are not just creatures of the flesh imbued with emotion and animated with words. They each are a bud that delicately opens up when the sun touch them, to display their rich colors and vibrant life. They can be shy, they can be soft, but they can also climb a mountain and achieve the impossible.

I see the amazon in every one of them, the valkyrie, proud, strong, defiant, independent. I see the the demure geisha in each of them, the paper theater to hide who they are. I see the princess everywhere, regal, delicate, demanding, who sometimes require the hand of the king to guide her. I see the enchantress sleeping in some of them, beautiful, sensual, captivating, who can charm you with just a sultry look. I see the succubus, chained deep inside of them, raw sexual power, lusting, wanting, needing. I see the loving caring goddess who nurtures the world in all of them, an eden. I see the damsel in distress who wants to be protected in their every move, a target for the evil of this world.

I want to embrace them and let them explore all those facets with me. I want them to be all that they want to be and all that they can be.


To me, a relationship is a dream. It soothes the pain by sharing and supporting. It should be light, it should be fun, it should be stimulating, it should be everything and nothing. I want to give that to them.

Too often a relationship is a burden, it is worked on so hard that there is no relationship left, just the work. A relationship should end when it is done. It can be picked up later when it flourishes again, but why pick at it to death? We should have freedom of choice.

I want to give women that freedom. I want to give women that dream. I’m a dream before they shift in their sleep, smile and dream of another dream.


Sex, it’s so natural, it’s the basis of life. We should be able to enjoy it without shame or prejudice. It should be the ultimate expression of our life. Friendship should be celebrated with sex. Longing, closure, loss, achievements, birth, death... it should all be celebrated with sex. Why don’t we have the liberty to have sex as we want?

Sex should be as casual as a handshake. It doesn’t need to be public, but we should not be making so much of a fuss over it. There can be so much pleasure in a sexual encounter, it can be so exhilarating, it can be so fucking fantastic! All the debasing comments our society throws at the subject should be criminal.

I want to give women sex without all the fuss they’re used to.

I Am

I am a companion, I love women, and I just want to help them be who they are.