Prostitution is important

by Maxime Durocher, October 13, 2013

It is. In my career, I’ve helped women go through tough times, not as a therapist, but just by being there. You might argue that anybody can do that without including sex. That’s true, but there’s something about sexual intimacy, or the simple thought of the possibility of it, that opens up another human being.

Now, you might argue that it’s not the same thing for female prostitute. You’d be only half right. I know of many female prostitute who like what they’re doing and like to help their clients.

All of this makes me really prefer the term companion to prostitute. I think being a prostitute is nothing to be ashamed of, but the term itself falls short of what we do. Even when it’s just sex, there’s something cathartic about that primal exchange. Often, a man after having sex with a prostitute will have a boost of energy, a clearer mind, a desire to climb Everest, and that’s just for the basest of carnal exchange. When the encounter is more than that, the benefits can be wide ranging and impressive.

True, some clients can feel dejected afterward, but my guess is that dejection doesn’t come from the client, the prostitute or the act, but from what the others would think of it. If society had a greater regard for our profession, we’d be the stars of relationship therapy.

We’re not therapist, but we do help. Often we’re the only thing that keeps a couple together, or a marriage afloat. Without one of the party, seeing us (often without the partner’s knowledge), the relationship would be dead. There are many reason to stay with somebody with whom things are not stellar. You might still love that person, but you have things to work through. It might be missing something. The routine might be getting to you. You have kids and want them to have both their parents around. You might just need an escape valve to relieve the pressure a bit.

We offer relationships, real ones (if of a different type than most are used to), to those who need one, something else, to help them. We offer ourselves to help.

If prostitution was viewed as a relationship tool, if it had the respect it deserves, we could reach more people, we could help more.