Why do we need an orgasm?

by Maxime Durocher, May 27, 2016

First thing that comes to mind is: because it’s an explosion of pleasure! Who doesn’t want that? That's true, it’s incredibly good. No need to investigate any further, right? Wrong. A lot of people concentrate on achieving an orgasm instead of having pleasure which is the real reason for having orgasms. I mean, there are few things that can compare to a big orgasm, true, but pleasure can be found in so many different places during sex. Once you stop to appreciate everything you do sexually, each of those little things will become more and more pleasurable.

Personally, I don't need an orgasm to have pleasure or fun during sex. Also, without the pressure of achieving an orgasm, you are free to explore and appreciate everyone of those little things you do. Performing is often a problem for many men and women and wherever that pressure comes from, it's unhealthy for their sex life and can actually and ironically inhibit orgasms.

Also, for those that crave having more and more orgasms, the quest to have that next one can turn sex from fun to boring or even frustrating. I assure you though, having fewer orgasms leads to stronger ones. It’s automatic. The longer the wait, the mightier the explosion. Even better than that, the more teased you are and the longer you get teased, the greater the feeling. That’s what I do when I want to increase my partner’s pleasure.

Lastly, an orgasm isn't a mark of success. Pleasure is. Did your partner have fun? Are his or her eyes shining with mirth and joy? Did you enjoy it yourself? Was it a shared experience?

Don't put so much importance on the big O, relax, and just have fun.