The image of the sexless woman

by Maxime Durocher, August 21, 2011

Since I've joined CdM, I've been amazed by the few women I've exchanged banter with. It's been a lot of fun, but I kept wondering why do these particular women turn me on with their post? The first answer that came to me was: "It's their brain that turns me on like that." I've always been turned on by an intelligent woman, so it seemed logical to me.

But then, I thought: "Wait, there's something more here." The second thing that came to me was: "They ooze sexual confidence, and that's a sure aphrodisiac." I thought I had it. They are sexually confident, and smart. That's it, case closed.

But then, again, I was stopped in my tracks. That's not completely right. There's something more nagging at me. What is it? It seemed that simple sexual confidence shouldn't be that out of the ordinary. Then it hit me. Here, on CdM, the image of the sexless woman is not being advocated like it is in the "real" world. Here, a woman has sex, can demand sex, is proud of having sex; here her sex is real and dignified.

I've always said that women not wanting sex and only wanted to cuddle was bullshit. I've always thought that all a woman needed was to be respected in her sexuality, as normal sexual being. In my point of view, there are reason why most women do not admit to wanting sex, are not looking for good sex, or do not like sex, instead of being a normal sexual being. Here's, in my opinion, why a woman would deny herself such pleasure:

  • She hasn't receive proper sexual education, an open-minded one where sex is good and a woman has a right to it. Admittedly, none of our societies are ready to admit that reality for some reasons. Reasons which mostly come from diverse religions.
  • She has been repressed in her desire by conventions surrounding her.
  • She had a string of lousy lovers which didn't help her develop her sexuality and made her clueless about sexual pleasure.
  • She has been traumatized by an aggression.

I get frustrated by the idea that sex is bad.
But I get angry when I see a woman's sexuality repressed.

Now, please excuse the rambling of a madman.