Being single is great

by Maxime Durocher, November 07, 2012

Someobdy on CdM shared a great positive article on being single (read it here), and it got me fired up, because I've been keeping the same type of rhetoric, even some of the same arguments, for many years.

Now, it's funny to read this article when just a few days ago, I hatched my latest evolutionary theory. Some of you have read what I think in evolutionary terms, but lately I've been thinking about children and couples.

Why do we want children, why do we need to be part of a couple?

I boiled it down to this...

1. Life. Life is change. It requires movement, the same as time. If you have no movement, you have no time. Life though, also requires order. All life forms require molecules to be arranged in a certain manner to perform certain duties, such as energy capture (for order, you need energy).

2. The main duty of life is to live. I mean, it needs to keep itself working, to endure. To that end, it needs to survive. It needs to repel attacks, which are merely changes in its environment.

3. Life has found a few way to survive changes. One is to leave descendants, copies of itself. The other is to adapt. Both of those strategies combine in the process call evolution. Altered copies that are better suited to a new environment will survive.

4. So, life needs to reproduce in order to be itself, to live.

5. So descendants who wish to reproduce will leave descendants, perpetuating that trait. The others, will reproduce only randomly, without consistency, and will soon be a very minor fraction of the whole population. So the desire to reproduce is a very basic trait of life. The most basic one, really. Without it, there is no life.

6. In the case of human, to reproduce, you need a mate. So, of course, evolution has selected individuals who more and more craved the opposite sex.

7. More over, the evolutionary niche humans occupy when it comes to reproduction, is one where an offspring needs to be raised for multiple years. Now here, it becomes a little bit more hazy. A clan can raise a child, but with eons passing, it seems that the pairing of one man and one woman was selected above all else, with the idea of the extended family being the main mold.


Wanting children, and wanting to form a couple, is ingrained in us to an astoundingly deep level. It's no wonder that humans who are single are pointed out as being anormal.

Now, here are my logical arguments to fight those instincts.

A. There are 7 billions of us on the planet. By all accounts, we are overpopulated. There are so many humans on the planet that we suffer plagues every day around the world (think malaria), we can survive the worst ones (think spanish influenza), and even global wars (two in the same century) without slowing the growth of our numbers.

B. So we have sufficient numbers to adapt to anything short of dinosaur-ish type extinction (and even that, I would not be surprised if we survived). We do not need more descendants to adapt. So rest assure, humans will survive even with us few saying that we do not want to get into the dance.

C. If we don't need more descendants, we don't need to find a mate and form a couple. The imperative has been removed.

Where does that lead us?

Well, it gives us freedom of choice. If we want, just for the fun of it, we can find somebody to love and cherish. Or not. Or simply wait for an occasion where, that someone will truly be special. Or we can have fun, from time to time with someone we like for an undetermined period of time, maybe even for the rest of our life.

Isn't that beautiful? Overpopulation leads to freedom.   Hehehe