Q 15

During a coffee time chat the other day, a colleague mentioned she had joined several Internet dating sites. She said at least 70% of the responses she got had asked within the first couple of weeks if she would email photos of her in either swim suits or preferably naked.

I did some snooping then, it's the nerd in me, but when I started looking at info on a lot of social media sites, eg. Dating sites, Facebook, twitter, forums etc. those figures seem about right.

So, why do men have to have the naked pics first, don't they realize that if they seduce our minds we are pretty much putty in their hands?


They respond to their primal urge to get the goods. Not only are we (men and women) genetically built to look for the healthiest — which has been corollated (not directly linked) with beauty — reproductive partner, but men, specifically, have been conditioned by society that they should look for beauty first in a woman. We're rewarded by acclaims when we do, even if the consequence is an awful relationship.

Fighting this urge for a man is the same as a woman fighting her urge to get children. However, not everybody has those urges, it's just that most do.