Q 16

In your opinion, what are the elements that constitute a great blow job?

I'm not asking for a formula, I'm certainly not excited by a man who relies on the alphabet for his oral technique. But I am curious as to the kinds of things that can make a good blow job great.


First, let me say that the best blow jobs are given by women who like to give them.

I've had complete novices go from lost to great in just three practices because I told them to just enjoy what there were doing. The ins and outs you pick up with time. And the things is, all men are different, so you can't say exactly what will work with any given guy.

If a lady has never performed oral, here are a few quick tips to get you started:

  • Remember to just enjoy what you're doing
  • Listen to his reaction to see what he likes and adjusts
  • Watch your teeth, most men don't like to be hurt when receiving oral
  • Use you hands from time to time
  • Vary how soft/rough you're doing it
  • Saliva is always a plus

Now, if you've gone beyond basic and are wondering what you can try to see what can satisfy the man you're with, read this great article by Ms. Quote on her blog. She has a great list of things you can try out:


Some of these things don't do it for me, but they might for an other man. The trick is to try and figure out what a given man likes.