Q 18

Why do some men masturbate even when having regular sex?


Some women think that if a man masturbate while they are in a relationship with him, it's because he's not satisfied. While that might be true in some cases, I'd advise any women in such a situation to take a step back and consider other reasons first. Here are three simple ones:

  • It can be just to relieve stress, he wants to keep more meaningful sex for his partner
  • A man can need a bit of alone time, and masturbation is a fairly fun solo activity
  • Sometimes, it's quicker and easier to just masturbate rather than bother your better half

As you can see expediency is a key ingredient.

However, keep in mind, that there are many reasons for a man or a woman to masturbate while in a relationship, and worrying about such very natural activity is a stress we can all live without.