Q 19

While nothing is absolute, I've noticed that men, in general, prefer younger women. Why is that, do you suppose?


Well for this, I'd say there's two reasons.

The first is evolutionary. A male will seek the most healthy individual for better chance of reproduction and to get the healthiest offsprings possible. So, younger is better for reproduction. In the female realm, this can be easily equated to a female seeking an alpha male to insure her offspring are provided for and have the best genes.

The second is social conditioning. Men are praised by their peer when they have a young concubine. The younger the woman, the greater is the man's success. In women world, this one can be equated to the jealousy a woman can generate amongst her peers with how rich a husband she caught.

Those are pretty basic, and mentally unsanitary, behaviors, but there they are.

However, give us a 100 years and that will change. Already women are more and more the top dogs in our society with better jobs coming from a better education. Things will change, mark me.

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