Q 2

I love my breasts played with. It's true. But I have found that most guys, while they like breasts, don't have a clue what to do with them.

What advice would you give men regarding how to properly worship a woman's breasts?


Ask each woman how she likes her breasts worshipped. It's simple and it's a methodology that can be applied regarding any number of things.

Now, if you don't do that, the next next best thing is to explore. Try different things, start with very soft things, like caressing the breast itself, the areola, and massaging the breast. You can ask the woman if she likes, or just judge by her reaction. Only move on to a more intense stimulation if she seems to like what you've done up until then.

That being said, I have to admit, that at times, I don't spend a lot of time on breasts, and I love and worship them. That's because, even though my first girlfriend showed me a lot of things, including how to please a woman, she thought I spent too much time on her breasts. I guess it was too much, at least for her, but I couldn't stop myself. Now, I seem to have too much restraints in that area, because at the time she kept telling not to.

That is just to show you that, at times, any man can have some issues regarding what he's doing. The best a woman can do is say what she wants, encourage a bit, and appreciate what she gets. Don't believe you can change the man you're with in any way.