Q 23

So Max . . . don't laugh, I'm truly curious. What's it like to have a penis?


LOL   (Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Great question!)

To be truthful, it's weird. I don't know if ladies feel the same way about their breast, but having that thing dangling out there and getting in the way, it's just not practical... but it's a lot of fun. It's a toy ready to be played with. The unfortunate thing is that it plays with you too. Hehehe

When you have it in hand it has weight, but unlike the rest of your body, it has no proprioception, so it feels slightly apart from you. It can give you pleasure and sensation, but not complete feedback, like say a finger. If you touch something with your finger, as with most body part (although the finger is one of the most precise tool humans have for touch), you'll get an understanding of what you're touching, not so with the cock. It's basically not made for that.

Sometime, for practical purpose, I could do without. It would be nice not to have to pack it up to put on pants. No getting caught in zippers (a frequent mishaps when you're young, an extremely painful one). No stupid sex thoughts popping at the wrong moment with a very visible reaction. I try to have tight underwear specifically for that reason... and it looks sexy.

It's an embarrassment most of the time, but would I be a man without it? I mean women are great, but I'm not a woman. I need that tool, that symbol, that virility.