Q 24

What does an orgasm feel like for a man? Where is the epicenter of sensation?


That's a tough one.

The oral orgasm is easier to describe since you can really concentrate on what's happening to you, so I'll go with that.

It feels like a tightening of the upper regions of the cock and it slowly travels down. Once it reach the epicenter, which is somewhere in the lower abdomen probably at the intersection of the balls and the cock, then the real fun starts, because you start culminating. It pulses there for a while, and seems to travel down the legs a bit, as pleasure ratchets up. When you come, it explodes from the epicenter. It's a lightning bolt down your legs and a warm fire up to your chest.

If a woman is careful, she can maintain that feeling in her partner for quite a while... it's excruciatingly pleasurable.