Q 27

What is it about cunnilingus that [some] men like?


There's multiple reasons, really. There's the erotic factor, doing it because it's sexy, naughty, or hot can be a big turn on. The texture and the taste, it's a really nice sensation in the mouth. There's giving for giving's sake, because when you're giving oral, you're not taking anything, that's a true gift. There's the ultimate intimacy factor since the face is often considered the window to our soul; more over it's the only way you can really take "in" a woman sexually, to be as close as possible to her sex. That proximity is a big turn on.

For me, all of that is part of the reason I like it. However, the reason why I LOVE it is because I can apply myself to truly giving a woman pleasure that way. There's no distraction, nothing else... only my skills. I know I am the sole cause of her pleasure, and I can watch her blossom, moan, and explode. There's nothing like it, it gives me the biggest wickedest grin ever.