Q 30

Is there a high percentage of women not interested in receiving oral sex?


The few women I've meet who were reticent about receiving oral were just self-conscious. Only one to the point of never even considering allowing it, the others were easily convinced by just telling them how much I like doing it.

I know, but I've never met them, that some women find it disgusting. Those women also think that giving oral sex to a man is disgusting. They've been brainwashed by their peers. In a different group, I'm sure they'd change their mind quite easily, especially if a friend of theirs confided in them how fabulous their recent and quite secret experience with oral had been.

I won't even mention those who think it's a sin.

So, I believe that if you exclude those who are self-conscious (because they really would like to), those that think that oral sex is disgusting (because it's just a question of social conditioning), or the religious ones (which are a lost cause on a number of issues), the woman who do not want to have a man (who knows what he's doing) to go down on them are the exception to the rule.