Q 32

If a certain female person should be of an age where most people have had a lot of sexual encounters and this female hasn't - is it a wise thing to let future sexual partners know about this lack of experience?


I don't think it's a necessary information to give. Pleasure in sex is not fully correlated to the amount of sexual experience. If you enjoy it, you enjoy giving pleasure and pay attention to your partner, that's most of it. Some good technique and experience comes in handy when you want to ratchet up the heat, but not for your first encounter. Most first encounter are not stellar affairs anyway. For the most part, it's experimentation, trying to find a good rhythm or each other's buttons.

If you want to give full disclosure and would like tips from your partner, the best thing would be to tell him about it afterward that you'd need some guidance due to your lack of experience. You can ask for advice during also. Example, if you're giving him oral, you can ask him how he best like it and what are his sensitive spots, that's something that I would recommend to anybody.

Please also remember that even with lots of experience, many people have nothing to brag about when it comes to bedroom skills, so an inexperienced person has nothing to worry about.