Q 34

During a booking, do you check your email or return text messages? Is it okay to check in with your real life while you're on a date with a patron? If yes, how often is okay? Is it different depending on the patron, encounter, circumstances? How much is too much?

If your patron needs to stay connected to her real life, how much checking in is "too much"? Is that discussed before the date?


I usually don't answer any emails (or other kind of messages) during a booking. If I'm waiting for the lady and I have nothing else to do, I'll check my emails, but only if she's not close to me. If something is direly important, I'll answer quickly.

I turn my vacation responder on when leaving for a multi-day encounter, so I don't have to respond to anything, especially an other lady.

I don't mind at all when a lady I'm accompanying is checking on her real life. The less stress the better.

Those are the sort of things that can be discussed beforehand. It's nice to know what to expect.