Q 43

What would be the cause of male complacency within long term relationships? Plus, the possibility of not even recognizing or being 1/2 responsible for the long relationship killer? This seems to be the hot topic within my female social group.


Let me start with my non-gendered answer:

Both men and women have a tendency to let things fall apart. It's an accumulation of things that are not addressed. In your particular social group, well... A group tends to be made of similar personalities (in a very general and not often perceivable way) which tends to give similar results in life, in this case relationships, more specifically here, men who let their relationship go.

Now, for a more gendered answer:

In general, men have a tendency to work with goals. They set goals, and when they achieve a goal they close it, forget it, and attend to the others. Often, in the case of a relationship, the goal is having one. Once they are in a relationship, they feel that their goal is achieved and that they don't need to do anything more, which is a mistake. Any interaction with an other human being is constantly morphing thing, you can never be set, as much as some would like that to be true, hence the need for marriage expressed by many.

I hope this helps a little bit.