Q 46

Can you please confirm something from a male point of view... if a guy comes before his girlfriend, is it lack of control or selfishness?


Frankly, it can be either or neither.

Some are selfish bastards. Those will stop interacting with their partner at that point, or make a lame effort to continue. Others will reach their limit before the woman does. That's pretty common. The fault is on neither party. If the fact that he comes first is a problem for some reason, then that's something that needs to be discussed between the partners.

Personally, I always try to give a first orgasm before I get one. Professionally, if I come, I rarely do before the end of the session or the day. If I wasn't able to control myself, I make sure my partner is well satisfied even so.

That being said. Who comes first or even having orgasms should not be central to intimacy, fun should be the makeshift of the journey.