Q 47

I've heard from many sources that a lot of men will try to say that because they paid for any part of the date that the other person "owes" them sexual favors and if not paid, they will force the person to pay them.

As this has happened with a few of my friends, I'm just wondering, do most men think that just because they put money up for a part of a date, that they are owed sexual favors?


The majority of men who pay for a date hope for some sort of sucessful outcome. They hope, they do not expect. It would seem that your friends found a particularly disgusting bunch of miscreant. A person who forces sex on another is a rapist.

Even if some expect or even just hope for some kind of compensation, it's not owed by any stretch of the imagination. Be wary of anyone who thinks differently.

I don't date, and that's one of the many reasons. On a date people start imagining these rules that leads to disaster or at least faking who they are.