Q 50

Is lingerie really that much of a turn on for men?


I think it really depends on the man in front of you. I think the idea of lingerie is a big turn on for men, with a small fraction being exceptions. In practice, for lingerie to have maximum impact, there's a show required on the part of the woman. If you take your basic sexual interactions, both partners are very close all the time, and when the outer garments fly off, the rest is not far behind. The result is a very minimalistic interaction with said finery, which is a shame, but still a turn on.

Personally, I love nice lingerie and the idea is very appealing to me, but I've rarely had proper interactions with them. Meaning: they rarely have been the main cause for an erection.

What I think is the best use for lingerie is as an ego boost for a woman. Now, there's the best way to capture their maximum effectiveness. If a woman is more confident because she just adores the new pieces she bought and finds herself sexier, hotter, then believe me the recipient of her affections will feel it and be all the more aroused!