Q 51

What's the goal of men whistling girls on the streets, calling them names and stuff to try and get their attention? Do they really think they are going to get lucky?


I've been asking myself that very same question. Now, I've given plenty of smiles and I've said on occasion to a woman standing at the cashier by my side that she was beautiful, but I've never hollered my appreciation.

I'd be curious to know of the results of any study conducted on the behavior in question, but I know the bottom line effect. It affirms a man's presence in public. He's not so much talking to her as he's imposing his status to all around him. It says: "I'm not afraid to call her mine, because no one here has the power to challenge me." Those hollering do desire the woman in question, mostly, but that's beside the point. The behavior is one of power affirmation, of status. The global end result of this gender behavior is clear, a woman is an object to be possessed and doesn't have any intrinsic value, just what she derives from the man she's with.

A woman's celibacy, not being attached to man, is one of the greatest challenge to systemic patriarchy. Please note that I didn't mean sexual abstinence.

Here's a great video showing and denouncing the behavior you're talking about: