Q 53

How much is lipstick a turn-on or a turn-off for you guys? How much is it an incitation to kiss the person?

I mean, the actual cuteness/sexiness of it vs. the pain of getting it smeared all over your face if you kiss the girl (or guy)?


I find it very sexy, if done well. It has to be the right color for the gal wearing it and for the occasion. I don't find it an incitation to kiss, but to get closer: yes! I love kissing so much that I don't mind getting lipstick smear, although the good lipsticks don't do too much of a mess, but I do appreciate it if the woman I just kissed lets me know when I should clean up.

My guess is that you'll get a similar answer from most men, with variation on taste. A few will find it essential, a few will hate the mess, and a lot in between.

I've seen lipstick heightening a woman's sexiness by a fair margin, while it didn't change much for others. I've seen some women make mistake on choosing a color, but on average it works pretty well. A contour line should definitively be avoided, though.

Remember that it's all in the attitude.