Q 55

I'm one of those people who fantasize about having sex with more than one guy at a time. Yet, I'm afraid of it due to not really believing that any participant wouldn't think I'm a slut for doing it. What are your honest thoughts about women who do MFM+?


I've been to a few gangbangs, and I must admit it's not my cup of tea. I didn't really participate and only watched as my friend who is a girl and went with me to the event joined in from time to time.

That being said, I think that if you go, you should, first, do it for yourself and, second, accept the consequences. Like many things in life, accepting the consequences is the most difficult part and is usually easier if you did it for the right reasons. Doing it for somebody else, is the worst reason imaginable. However, if you're ready to accept the consequences, everything is going to be fine, whatever the reason you did it for.

Let me give some mundane and not so mundane examples.

Let's say you're driving above the speed limit and you get busted. You can come up with a laundry lists of reasons for doing it, but it won't change the situation. You have to accept the ticket you'll be handed, else all that frustration, or worst, anger will gnaw at your or might get you into further trouble fuelling your negative emotions or thoughts. That's self destructive. When I get busted, I smile at the agent and wait patiently.

Now, let's say you're getting some breast implants. At some point, you will face negative outside judgements, that's a fact. The only way to deal with it, is to have done it for yourself, because you wanted to, not because your boyfriend asked you.

Bottom line, in your situation, there's only one thing that's really important: what do you think of yourself for wanting to do a gangbang? Personally, I see that as a form of personal empowerment, but society at large doesn't think so.

Just make sure you're ready when you do.