Q 59

What is a ring and why do some men wear it around their penis?


By your question, you are most probably referring to a "cock ring" specifically. Well, a cock ring, as its name implies is an object in the form of a ring that can be made of various materials like silicon or metal. Usually it is placed at the base of the penis behind the testicle. It gives a man a better control over his erection and orgasm, by constricting the blood flow in and out the penis.

What does it mean? It means that a man who comes too quickly will have a bit more time to enjoy sex before he comes. It also helps give a stronger and longer erection. It's not a magical toy, though. It will not give an erection when there is none, but it will keep longer once there is one.

Personally, I like to use it to last longer before coming. I like to stay on the edge, just before the orgasm, because all the sensations are heightened and it feels great. Also, it usually makes me harder, which is a great feeling. It's not perfect however, sometimes, I'm just too tired or I don't feel like having an orgasm and it won't do anything for me, or very little.