Q 6

What are the top 3 things most women don' t realize about men when it comes to sex?


1. The strength and quality of a man's orgasm will proportionally vary with how well he is prepared. I mean, the more and the longer a guy is stimulated before hand, in every way, the better the orgasm. Now, most men don't realize it either, so, the point is moot really. Foreplay is an art, and it goes both ways.

2. We like an interactive partner. It might not be true for all men, but the more you participate, and try to give back as much as you take, the more we'll enjoy it. Well, there are many who just take, but those are not the ones you should care about or even have sex with.

3. Loving sex and being aroused by sexual acts or by nudity does not make you a bad person. Society expect women to be sexual objects, but not to be sexual. Screw that. If it feels right, do it. As long as we're all consenting adults and nobody encroaches on somebody else rights, there's no harm.