Q 60

Are guys intimidated by tall women? and i'm not talking 5'8" kinda tall, I'm talking 6ft and above kind of tall women...

As a 6ft, skinny woman, I find (on the rare occasion I've been approached impromptu) I am usually approached when I'm sat down, or online, and when I stand up (in heels or not, doesn't matter) or meet the guy that said man decides he's got other things to attend to quite quickly, if not immediately...

So, any info I could get on the matter would be very informative and greatly appreciated!


In general, I’d say most men are intimidated by women taller than they are. So, it’s not so much the height as the relative height. I’m basing my answer on the fact that society dictates that a man should dominate a woman in every way. It’s utter bullshit, but there you go.

Personally, I prefer a woman that’s smaller than me, even better if she’s still smaller than me with six-inch heels. That being said, I think tall women are sexy, beautiful, very elegant and they should be proud of it.

I’ve gone out with a few women slightly taller than me. I think the pairing looks odd, but that’s just my esthetic brain doing overtime. (Idiot brain.) I’ve also had a few clients who were tall elegant women. I just made sure before hand that they realized that I was shorter than they are. I asked them point blank if it bothered them, so as to avoid an awkward situation. None ever were.