Q 63

I realize every person has an ideal when it comes to the body size or shape of their partners. As an escort for women, do you have a preference? And if so, how would you deal with a client who might be size/shape differently of your personal ideal?


[Edit: I've rephrased this answer to reflect how I currently see things.]

I have found over the years that preferences evolve on their own based on various experiences. One thing that has stayed true, though, is that a woman's personality is extremely important to me.

A negative personality (which is different from someone suffering from depression) or conservative one will assuredly turn me off.

That being said, in the moment, what is really important, sexually speaking, is chemistry. This is something that cannot be faked. It is there or it isn’t.

So, what do I do if there’s no chemistry with a client or if her personality turns me off?

The answer is simple, I do my best. I try to make the moment as enjoyable as possible and, within limits, I try to fulfill her desires.