Q 63

I realize every person has an ideal when it comes to the body size or shape of their partners. As an escort for women, do you have a preference? And if so, how would you deal with a client who might be size/shape differently of your personal ideal?


As a professional, I do not have any preferences and I treat every woman the same. Ethically speaking, my personal preferences are completely irrelevant. Discussing them wouldn't be respectful of my clients. I love them all and I want them all to continue to feel the love I have for them.

That being said, we all have limits. As a professional, mine are simple. The main one is probably that I'm not comfortable around people who have handicaps, physical or mental. I've never been and I'm not sure I'll ever be. Also, I probably have a maximum age limit, but that's difficult to say since I've never had a client above 60. That's still unknown territory.

Beyond that my preferences are just psychological. Do we get along or not? If I don't get along with somebody, then I'll do my best to smooth things out, keep my opinions to myself and keep things as light as possible. Then, most likely, I won't see her again, which isn't much of a problem in such situation since they usually don't contact me back.

If we come back to the physical part, and let's say that I have a date with a client that is outside my personal preferences, as opposed to professional ones, I would just treat her as any other client. I'll make the moment as enjoyable as possible with humor, discussion and warm physical intimacy. I think it's the only right thing to do. I'll concentrate on who she is as a person, which is key.

It's my experience that chemistry, or psychological attraction, is just as strong, if not stronger than, physical attraction. Fun is fun, no matter what the body shape, and fun is what I strive for with my clients.

I hope this answers your question.