Q 69

To write an article, a journalist goes: « So if you could provide me with three tips about pleasing women (to answer the titular question “what women want”) as you are an individual who is paid for such a service, that would be incredible. »


My answer went as follow:

Tip 1: In any situation, be attentive to her. That doesn't mean to turn into a butler, it means to really listen to what she has to say, be curious, engage her. If she's talking about things you know nothing about, ask her questions. Be sure this is a conversation that you both have something to say.

Tip 2: Being attentive holds true for intimacy too. As you touch her, be it her neck, her skin or her sex, see how she reacts, that'll tell you what she likes. Explore. Try different things, softer, rougher, faster, lighter... Never aim for performance. Penetration and orgasms should never be goals. Aim for pleasure, fun, laughter, levity.

Tip 3: Do it for her, not for yourself. Take pleasure in her pleasure. The more pleasure you give her on every level, the more she'll want to give you. If you really want to be her rock star, that's what you'll need to do. Always keep in mind, though: respect, consent and communication are key.

Final Tip: Be yourself. Don't be shy about being emotionally exposed. Never try to be mysterious. Avoid emotional diarrhea. Be frank. Relax. Breathe. This is not a competition. It might not work out with her. Don't force it. Never force it. If need be, just move on and find somebody who gets you. You deserve it.

The final article went as follow: