Q 7

What subjects and topics do you find in your experience as a companion are...
  • Most helpful to discuss?
  • Most often overlooked?
  • Most frequently arise?
  • Seldom asked?
  • Challenging for women?
  • Challenging for you?
  • Fun to discuss?


Most helpful to discuss? Goals. If I can understand what are the main goals for a lady to see me, then it makes planning our dates the easiest. It also helps me get in the right mindset.

Most often overlooked? How I am supposed to act with the lady in public. I usually just go with the flow, act gentlemanly, not too close, not too far... More directions there would be nice.

Most frequently arise? Sex. It's quite obvious, if a lady doesn't talk about it, I'll bring it up.

Seldom asked? What does your cock look like. Call me phallocentric, but I would have thought that a lady would inquire about the main engine. I know, it's not all about sex, but up to now, all my patron have enjoyed that aspect of our relationship. In that regard, I thought that some would be curious and bold enough to ask. At least one of them.

Challenging for women? Past experiences as they relate to sex and personal relationships.

Challenging for you? Answering loaded questions. I don't like being tested. I want a frank question. I'll answer the truth. No need to try to manipulate me while trying to get the truth. I hate that.

Fun to discuss? That's the easiest one to answer. Usually, when a lady particularly likes a certain sex act, it can become quite a riot to talk to her about it.