Q 8

What suggestions do you have for both saving for a date, and budgeting for entertainment?

How much financial planning are you willing to provide for your patrons?

Is financial planning even a part of a companion's spectrum of duties?


First off, do not borrow money to see a companion. That means, no credit card or loans. Stay within your means. Plan cheap activities if you have to. Think about cooking instead of restaurants. Museum can be a cheap date. Or walks in the park, on the beach, or through the downtown area. Expensive doesn't mean better. If you need to get a hotel room, keep you money for that, it's going to be important for your comfort.

I can help plan the financial side. I'm good at that. I can give advice. If a lady chooses to follow them... it's up to her.

I think such planning can be part of our duties. Will most companion do so? I'm not sure. It's certainly does not cross the mind of most newbies or wannabes.