I am vaccinated. I have received by first shot the AstraZeneca vaccine on May 3 2021.

Here's what I want you to do on the day we are to see each other:
  • Do not go out before seeing me.
  • Do not travel by public transport to my place.
  • Please download the official Canadian Alert COVID application HERE, and activate it when leaving your home.
To minimize the transmission of the virus, I decided to take the following precautions:
  • I do not visit clients, I only receive at my studio.
  • I wash my hands regularly (I used to do that anyway even before all this).
  • I do not go shopping and I have everything shipped or delivered, including groceries.
  • I avoid all crowds, including public transport, using my electric bike instead.
  • I always keep my distances and wear a mask if impossible, like in an elevator.
  • I only see my friends by videoconference.
  • I do not travel.
Here are a few exceptions to these rules and what I do to mitigate the risks:
  • I do climb at my gym. I wash or sanitize my hands regularly and avoid close contacts.
  • I get my hair cut. I wear a mask at all time and stay only as long as needed, no more.
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