Maxime Durocher - Straight Male Escort — Male Escort for Women

The Etiquette

Whether you are new or not to the world of companionship and escorting, please take the time to read the following attentively so that we may have the best date possible.

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The deposit is not reimbursable if you cancel our date.

If I am traveling to see you, it is not transferable to another date.

That way, this will not need to be a subject of conversation, which helps create a better environment for our date.

For more discretion, you can put it in an unsealed envelope.

You can also simply put it within my reach so that I may take possession of it.

This is standard protocol within the sex industry. It takes the business part out of the way as quickly and efficiently as possible.

So, if, for example, we go to the restaurant together, you will need to pick up the check for the both of us.

That's another pretty standard thing. We all assume that every expense will be taken care of, from coat-check to tip. We even assume that if you ask us if we need something, it's because you want to offer us a gift.

Let's say you did ask me if I needed something and then we pass in front of a sunglass shop and I say that I would need a pair and we proceed into the shop, it's assumed that you would be paying for the glasses unless you raised an objection during the purchasing process.

Good personal hygiene makes the experience better, so before we engage in any intimate activities, I ask that we both shower. To sex professionals, this is a very important point.

You might be rolling your eyes right now. However, I assure you that even well-intentioned ladies have erred without knowing.

This is crucial before oral sex, whether you had a long flight or just went to the bathroom, because I do not like the taste of urine. Please, keep that in mind.

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I'm a minimalist and I like to live my life with very few possessions. It's just how I am, and I thank you for your understanding.

Please, do not bring anything else, it will just make me uncomfortable.