Maxime Durocher - Straight Male Escort — Male Escort for Women


I'm listing here a number of activities that we could indulge in during our time together. Take a look, you might find one or two that you didn't know you wanted to do.

Click on a description for more details.

Whether it is simply to chat over tea, or have some company at the restaurant, it will be my pleasure to be there for you.

I particularly love Les Grands Ballet and the Montreal Symphony Orchestra as well as the Europea restaurant and the Scandinave Spa in Old Montreal.

Women are just as sexual as men are and in my company you will never feel like you should be anything else but yourself.

Whether you want to explore, get over an ex, work gently through a trauma or just have some extra fun, I'm here for you.

As a professional Dominant I offer you a hand of steel to take control of your will for a session together. You'll feel cared for, protected and respected. I will take you away from your life to your secret garden with well-dosed pain and soft caresses.

If this is an option that interests you, take a look at this Kinky Profile Worksheet (Excel format). When you're ready, fill it in and forward it to me.

Respectful brats are welcomed.

Would you like to just watch me as I take a shower? It's a new way to use WhatsApp... It's sure to titillate you!

Imagine me in tight sexy briefs doing sun salutations. Interested? You can watch me using WhatsApp! And why not join in?

I love shopping and when it comes to clothes, I have a good eye to see what compliments someone's body type.

You can simply enjoy having me along, but if needed I can help you make your final choice. It's up to you!

I'm a geek and I love to play games.

If that's something you like, I've got good games that play well at a 2-player count. Or you can bring your own if you want!

If you like to watch, I have the ultimate offer for you. Me and my female friends can perform just for you, right in front of your eyes...

You eventually want to participate? If you're a man, I'll leave you in the company of my friend. If you're a woman, let's talk.

Want to see who these female friends are? Click here.

This is for couples with a cuckold fetish.

You'd like your partner watch you while having fun with me? That can be arranged...