Q 25

Related to the previous answer: In what way can a woman be careful so that she can maintain that feeling for her partner? How can a woman prolong a man's orgasm?


Well, this will vary from man to man, but it's possible to achieve longer orgasms with most.

Every guy has a way that is preferable for him to be stimulated, for me, it's the rim of the glans, that's my pleasure zone. Once you know that, you're in business. The only thing you need to know, is that once your partner starts coming, you can keep on stimulating that zone, softly. You just keep on doing what you were doing, but much more softly, until he stops moving, and I guarantee he'll be completely out of breath by then.

Now, that's not always possible for every man. Some are too sensitive, but I'll bet that even for them, if you go at it very gently, you'll be able to keep their orgasm going.

Try it, I dare you.

Update: Recently, a partner of mine kept me going for a little while, which felt like a blissful eternity, and once I was done she kept softly stimulating me, the sensation was very soothing it slowly relaxed me until nothing was left but the soft mattress and a well earned sigh. Now, that is pleasure.