Q 26

Okay, you described the orgasm derived from oral in a previous answer. That begs more questions. For example, is an orgasm from coitus, hand, or other means feel different? Do guys have different intensities or "flavors" of orgasm as do women? Have I been buying into an urban legend?!?


Yes, there are different types of orgasm for a man. For me, they are not given by the physical mean of stimulation, but by the technique used. The orgasm I described before is the "standard" one I feel. However, if a woman was to stimulate me slowly without any variation in the rhythm while taking care of rubbing my whole shaft, especially the inside of the foreskin, the glans and the crown of the glans, I'll have a totally different type of orgasm, one without ejaculation.

It starts as warmth in the top half of the cock. Then the warmth would expend slowly outward to all the body. Then gradually, I would feel pleasure welling up from the top half of the cock, and radiate faster to the rest of the body. I would be pushed that way to the brink of the orgasm, but never coming. That pleasure is almost painful, and slightly frustrating. You want to come, but if your partner keep steady without accelerating to make you ejaculate, you'll stay there for a long while, then go down. It'll come back up, then go down again. You can have several plateaus like that while you twist in pleasure and breathe in gulps, but eventually, you'll culminate. That culmination is special, it's just a very strong plateau where you'll beg to be release, with still no ejaculation, but when you come down, you come down very quickly, and no matter how much stimulation you get afterward, you won't feel a thing. You're totally, completely and absolutely satisfied.

I've only done this manually. It requires a LOT of lube, applied regularly to keep the sensation smooth and pleasant. It takes time, but it's so worth it.