List of Past Questions

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  1. Is there such a thing as too much foreplay?
  2. What advice would you give men on how to properly worship breasts?
  3. What is it about a companion that he can appreciate so many types of women?
  4. Why is it that men require possession of the remote control?
  5. Top 3 things most men don't realize about women when it comes to sex?
  6. Top 3 things most women don't realize about men when it comes to sex?
  7. As a companion what are the subject you talk about with women?
  8. What do you suggest for saving/budgeting for a date and entertainment?
  9. How does one decide which side to wear his member on?
  10. Why do some men take the time to please their partners and others...?
  11. What is most intimidating part of the sexual experience for men?
  12. Do men prefer their ladies quiet and moaning or screaming the house down?
  13. Why can't men remember birthdays, but remember insignificant stuff?
  14. Is sex more important to men than women?
  15. On the web, why do men need to have the naked pictures first?
  16. What are the elements that constitute a great blow job?
  17. When it comes to sex what advice do you have to offer women?
  18. Why do some men masturbate even when having regular sex?
  19. Why do men prefer younger women?
  20. What do men worry about?
  21. Why do men name their penis?
  22. Would you prefer to know that a woman hadn't hired a companion before you?
  23. What's it like to have a penis?
  24. What does an orgasm feel like for a man?
  25. How can a woman prolong a man's orgasm?
  26. Do guys have different intensities or flavors of orgasm as do women?
  27. What is it about cunnilingus that men like?
  28. What is it about cunnilingus that men do not like?
  29. Do you believe women should be more vocal in their request for oral sex?
  30. Is there a high percentage of women not interested in receiving oral sex?
  31. What do you think of the assumption that men more easily separate sex from emotions?
  32. If a woman as little sexual experience should she let her partner know?
  33. Do men speak openly (honestly and respectfully) talk about sex to their guy friends?
  34. During a booking, do you check your email or return text messages?
  35. In this day and age, do men expect women to tell them they are experiencing an orgasm?
  36. Does a man want to be told by their female partner verbally they are sexually satisfied?
  37. How often does a man verbalize to their female partner they are satisfied?
  38. What happens to the male ego when a woman says she did not get an orgasm?
  39. What should women stop worrying about during sex?
  40. What do men think about during sex?
  41. If a guy doesn’t have an orgasm, does it mean I’m not good in bed?
  42. Why is it that some men won't explore their anal area in a sexual manner?
  43. What would be the cause of male complacency within long term relationships?
  44. Do condoms noticeably lessen the sensation?
  45. Is there a difference in how vaginas feel?
  46. If a guy comes before his girlfriend, is it lack of control or selfishness?
  47. Do men think that when they put money up for a date they are owed sex?
  48. Is it even possible for men to look past large physical scars and see the person inside?
  49. Is a man at a loss about the signals women are sending?
  50. Is lingerie really that much of a turn on for men?
  51. Why do men whistle or holler at girls on the streets?
  52. What do you think is a good way to "fight" gender stereotypes?
  53. How much is lipstick a turn-on or a turn-off for men?
  54. How do you prefer to be rejected/let down?
  55. If you have been to a gangbang, what do you think of the girl?
  56. After a breakup, is asking for a second chance a typical male behavior?
  57. Do men want more than just sexual relationships?
  58. Do men have preferences in nipple size and areolae?
  59. What is a cock ring and why do some men wear it around their penis?
  60. Are guys intimidated by tall women?
  61. Do men ever approach a woman to be just friends?
  62. What is it about anal sex that men like?
  63. How would you deal with a client who might be sized/shaped differently of your personal ideal?
  64. Is the inability to give good head a deal breaker for a relationship?
  65. How does a sex worker deal with a client who falls in love with you?
  66. What is your preference for hair in the private areas?
  67. How many women have you slept with?
  68. Est-ce mieux ou plus facile, si tu parles à ta cliente avant de la rencontrer?
  69. What are the three tips you would give about pleasing women?